© Telmito Herrera


Feature Films:

2023  “Utopias” By : Carolina Astudillo, Carmen Castillo, Ana Edwards, Tito Gonzalez Garcia, Alejandro Segovia, Pamela Varela, Lorena Zilleruelo. Role : The Colonel's secretary. Spanish – French  

2022 : ”L’échappée belle by Pamela Varela Role: Irina. Spanish – French  

2020 ”24 raisons pour attendre l’aube by Mauricio Hernandez. Role: Célia. French, Spanish. 

2019 : ”One” by Oivier Samana. Role: Alice. French

2018: ”Alex, Clément et les autres” by Cheng-Chui Kuo. French 

2016: ”Lettre à Nuit” by Julia Pirinoli and Hugo Versa. Role: Narrator. French 

2011: ”El viaje de Ana” by Pamela Varela. Character: Maya. Spanish - French

2008: “Wednesday”. By Maria Karvounidou. Character: Patient. Greek

2008: “Eden is West” by Costa Gavras. French, Greek

2003: “The Brides” by Pantelis Voulgaris. Greek, English 


Short Films (selection):

2023: “Xristos Anesti”. By Justine Bo. Character: Athanasie. French, Greek. Quartett Production

2023: “Azadeh”. By Claudia Matarazzo. Character: Farah. French, Farsi

2018: “Alter Ego”. By Manuela Novati. Character: Amalia (main character). Italian

2018: “Naskigo” By Manon Bejuit. Character: Agnes. French

2018: “Νature morte” By Julian Diamandi and Arbi Konstantin. Character: Singer. Greek/French 

2017: “Le plus beau livre du monde“ By Victor Decasteja, based on a novel by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt. Character : Woman in Goulag. French 

2016: “Crisalide”. By Manuela Novati and Sara Reginnella. Character: Olga (main character). Italian

2014: “Quand j’étais grand ”. By Ana Dumitrescu. French

2012: “Souffre!”. By Pamela Varela. Character: Astrée. French – Greek

2010: “Expiration”. By Cheng-Chui Kuo. Character: Maria. French

2010: “L´Apparition”. By Manuela Novati. Character: The daughter. French

2008: “Carmin”. By Arthur Perret. Character: Lili. French

2008: “C’est dans la boîte ”. By Gregoire Marechal. Main character. French

2008: “Flowers”. By Hila Grumberg. Character: Libby. French

2007: “Shadows”. by Hila Grumberg. Character: Menandel. English

2004: “Natalia-Anna”. by Maria Karvounidou. Character: Anna. Greek. Supporting Role Award International Film Festival of Athens.