June 2019

7&8/6 “Ich habe von der Nacht geträumt” (I dreamed of the Night), a dance theatre play by Maria Yannaros is invited to the Cacoyannis Foundation Dance Days Festival in Athens, and for one more show at Larissa with the French Institut of Greece. Tickets here

16/6 2nd Greek Week of Paris

 From 3pm Readings of Novels and Poetry by Laurence Campet and Dimitra Kontou.

From 6pm Rebetiko Concert with the group of Nicolas Syros. Rue Vandamme, Paris, FR  https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/5c7760_cd0701e541a2403b8296499e35d923b3.pdf

22/6 Rebetiko Concert with the group of Nicolas Syros, Quimper, Brittany, FR

29/6 Rebetiko Concert with the group of Nicolas Syros, Brive-La-Gaillarde, FR

May 2019

25/5 The 6th Nuit de la Littérature organised by the Forum of Foreign Cultural Instituts of Paris  https://www.ficep.info/nuit-de-la-litterature will be held this year in Abbesses area. Chyprus is represented bu author Christos Hadjipappas. Readings of his novels by the author in greek and by Dimitra Kontou in french, every hour from 6 to 10pm 

April 2019

“Ich habe von der Nacht geträumt” a dance-theatre play by Maria Yannaros will travel to Greece for the Festival of the Cacoyannis Foundation and another greek city. You can support this tour in Greece here:


March 2019

Commedia, a musical play by Bruno Giner presented by Musica Temporalia, and directed by Dimitra Kontou. With the students of various Parisian Conservatorys: Lilas, Noisy-le-Sec, Maisons Alfort et Montigny-le-Brettoneux.Saturday March 23rd, at 5pm at Espace Culturel d’Anglemont, 35 Place Charles de Gaulle, Les Lilas. Free Entrance


February 2019

International Day for the Greek Language, February 9th 2019 at la Maison de la Grèce, 9 rue Mesnil. Poetry reading in French and Greek by Laurence Campet, Dimitra Kontou and Orestis Kalampalikis. 

December 2018

Chicken Head, by György Spiró, December 6th at 8pm at Hungary Institut of Paris, 92 rue Bonaparte 75006. Reservations:  https://www.evensi.fr/ea-gyorgy-spiro-e-poulet-institut-hongrois-collegium-hungaricum-paris/276677475?fbclid=IwAR01CBY1kNVQ_k7lThU9CSnPFKEw_ZcaWh60Kn17D0IVYAibSOQZz5fF50M

September 2018

Alter Ego, the new film by Italian artist Manuela Novati, will start shooting on september 21st in Genova, Italy. You can support it here: https://it.ulule.com/alter-ego-cortometraggio/

August 2018

Les poésies éternelles,  a musical and poetical performance about uprooting, longing and love. With Laura Rucinska, Dimitra Kontou and Eloïse Renard. 

August, 1st at 8h30 at Viam Church. Les Heures Musicales en Monédières Festival 


July 2018

⋅ Ich habe von der Nacht getraümet, a new creation by Maria Yannaros and Ahtenysti Dance Company.  A dance-theatre play for 7 performers inspired by The Seven Princesses by author Maurice Maeterlinck. July 6th at 8pm at Théâtre de Verre, 12 rue Henri Ribière Paris 19th and July 7th at 8h30pm at MPAA Bréguet, 17-19 rue Bréguet Paris 11th.

Reservations: ahtenysti@gmail.com or 0663244034

⋅ La Plage Miramar by Christophe Ferré, directed by Anthony Rivoire. Avignon OFF Festival, 16h, ArteBar Place Pie

June 2018

Rebetiko concert with Nicolas Syros group. Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Greek Library of Paris, Desmos. June, 17th at 5pm, rue Vandamme, Paris 14. Details: http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/5c7760_11440f7f72bc49fba63160681c345cce.pdf

May 2018

  • Antigone, Lonely Planet by Lena Kitsopoulou at Chantiers d’Europe Festival, Théâtre de la Ville, Paris. May, 15th at 9pm

March 2018

  • Cri de la Terre VS feu de l’esprit, a dance-theatre creation based on The Saviors of God, by Nikos Kazantzakis. With Taxiarchis Vassilakos (dance) and Dimitra Kontou (voice) Saturday 17th of march at 6pm at Espace Andrée Chedid, Issy les Moulineaux. Free entrance upon reservation:  01 41 23 82 82
  • Beginning of residencies for  “The Seven Princesses” the new creation of Ahtenysti. dance company. Choreography: Maria Yannaros, based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck. CND, La NEF, Théâtre de Verre, Paris.
  • Beginning of rehearsals for the new Christophe Ferré ‘s play “La plage Miramar” directed by Anthony Rivoire, for Avignon Off Festival 2018

January 2018 

Nikon Film Festival! Vote for Je suis le plus beau livre du monde  An Eric Emmanuel Schmitt’s novel adapted for cinema by Victor Decasteja.

December 2017

Last shows for “A Fitting Confusion”, by Georges Feydeau directed by Rémy Veux: 

Monday 18/12 and special show on NYE at 9pm! Théâtre de Nesle, 8 rue de Nesle 75006.  http://www.billetreduc.com/201217/evt.htm

November 2017

Concert Dimitra and Yiannis Plastiras are back on the stage of Centre Mandapa for a concert of greek popular music.

Thursday the 9th at 8h30pm.

Reservations with special presale price: https://www.weezevent.com/musiques-de-grece-chansons-populaires-dimitra-kontou-et-yiannis-plastiras


October 2017

“A Fitting Confusion”, by Georges Feydeau directed by Rémy Veux.

From 2nd of october, every Monday at 9pm, at Théâtre de Nesle, Paris 6ème.

Reservations: http://www.billetreduc.com/196057/evt.htm

June 2017


  • Concert with Yiannis Plastiras (piano)

Sunday 11th at 6pm at Centre Mandapa. Informations & Reservations here

  • Participation (Solo singer  & percussions) at the annual concert of Harmonie Choir

Sunday 18th at 8pm at Centre Mandapa. Informations & Reservations here

  • Nevrmind written and directed by: Moreau. Performance, Paris VIII Saint Denis

May 2017

• FARMAKONISI, directed by Anestis Azas. Théâtre de la Ville, Espace Cardin, Paris.

Thuesday 16th of May at 7pm. Chantiers d’Europe Festival

• La Grèce du Rebetiko  concert – reading with Michel Volkovitch and Nicolas Syros group. Salon du Livre des Balkans

5th Nuit de la littérature, Saturday 27th of May from 5 to 11pm. Readings with the Chypriot poet Yiorgos Christodoulides at Le Monte En l’Air bookshop, 2 Rue de la Mare, 75020 Paris.